Friday, 18 March 2011

Prep 6: Spellings for 21st March

Congratulations to Holly, who was the only one to get full marks on last week's test. Here are this week's spellings. They are all words to do with nature, as we have been looking at and describing impressionist beach scenes. They are trickier than the previous lists, so see if you can persuade someone to test you on them. Why don't you record yourself saying the word and spelling it out and then listen to your recording as many times as you can before the test? Good luck!

l’étoile – star
l’herbe – grass
la mer – sea
le sable – sand
la plage – beach
le ciel – sky
le soleil – sun
la lune – moon
la montagne – mountain
le lac – lake
l’arbre – tree
la feuille - leaf