You can never have enough French picture books!

Here are some classroom favourites...

Animal guessing book written in verse. Books with flaps always go down well.
Really simple text, again practising colours and parts of the body. Nursery and Reception love this one.

Parts of the body - and after a couple of readings the whole class can join in with the song.

Colours and fruit. Lovely bright engaging pictures and simple text. Always popular!

Some of the older pupils have written their own version of this. A great structure with lots of repetition to encourage creativity.

A classic. Days of the week, counting, fruit and the life cycle of a caterpillar all in one book!

I love reading books that the children are already familiar with as they don't have to worry about getting the story and can just enjoy the sound of the language.

Lots of food and animal practice, and no one expects poor Monsieur Lapin to lose his ears!

One Year 2 class asked me to read this three times in a row during a lesson. Goes with the song Promenons-nous dans les bois, but with much simpler vocabulary.

Lovely illustrations and a simple story of friendship that can be used with any age.

Animals and their sounds keep Nursery entertained from beginning to end.

This one really encourages interaction as each page asks a question. Great colour practice for little ones.

Another Eric Carle classic - lovely practice of colours and animals. Lots of repetition so the children can join in as you read.

This the version with both French and English words. Another great flap book for animal practice.

Another great animal book with lots of accompanying noises. It always gets lots of laughs from the children.

Great for singing along to when practising clothes words.

This is a lovely little flap book about a lost teddy.

The French version of A Squash and a Squeeze. I read this when we are learning the names of farm animals.

This is fun to read in French at Halloween.

I use this with Nursery and Reception when we are learning transport words. They love trying to guess what mystery vehicle they will see on the next page!