Thursday, 24 November 2011

Prep 4 - Prep 6: Les Pays Européens

Have a look at this map of Europe. It has the names of all the countries in French and shows you how to say all the nationalities too. Use it to help you next time you are talking about holidays.

Prep 6: Qu'est-ce que tu aimes comme matières?

Prep 6 have been learning how to give opinions about their school subjects and say what they are good at. I have set up a Wallwisher wall for them to write what they think about school in French and they will be doing this over the coming week. Click here or look above to see what they have written.

Prep 5: Tu joues d'un instrument?

Prep 5 have been learning how to talk about what music they like and what instruments they play and enjoy. This week and next they will be answering the question "Tu joues d'un instrument de musique?" on the Wallwisher website, just like Prep 6 did last year. Click here or look below to see what they have written. All visitors please feel free to contribute too!

If you're not sure what to write, take a look at this talking dictionary for inspiration!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Reception - Prep 6: Café de l'école

Here is the vocabulary you need for the Café de l'école next Wednesday! Have you noticed the NEW DRINK? What is it? Are you going to try it next week?

Form 2: Les Formes et les Couleurs

Watch this simple video with some of the shapes and colours we have learnt! How do you say star in French? If you can come to me and say the word to me in French then I will give you a star!

Prep 6: Spellings for 22nd November 2011

This week's spellings aren't really spellings at all. Prep 6 are learning the French alphabet this week for a test next week.
You can practise by listening to the French alphabet here or here or by watching the video below with a catchy song!

Well done to Anousca and Jonathan for getting full marks in their number test last week!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Form 2: Les Mois

Form 2 are finding out how to say the names of the months in French. Here is a good song to help you remember them!

Prep 3: The French Alphabet

Prep 3 are learning how to recite the alphabet in French and spell their name aloud. Take a look at this video to learn a new catchy alphabet song!

Prep 5: Les Instruments de Musique

This week Prep 5 listened to different types of French music and we shared our likes and dislikes. Next we are learning how to talk about musical instruments in French. Take a look at this video to learn some extra ones!

Prep 4: Les Jouets

Prep 4 are learning how to talk about their favourite toys. Have a look at the French toyshop website we looked at in class and see how many words you recognise.
Qu'est-ce que tu aimes?
Qu'est-ce que tu n'aimes pas?

Prep 3, Prep 4: Nausicàa

Take a look at the Nausicàa website to bring back some memories of our great trip in September!

Prep 6: Spellings for 9th November

Prep 6 have their first French vocabulary test next week. Remember you can choose whether you want to learn just numbers 1-10 or 1-20! Try the exercises below to get some practice before the test...
Numbers 1-12
Word maths (1-12) in French
Word maths (13-20) in French
Numbers 1-69
Number practice 1-80
Number labelling 1-9
Number labelling 10-18
Number quiz 1-100
Spell numbers 1-10