Thursday, 22 November 2012

Reception - Prep 6: Café de l'école du 21 novembre 2012

Prep 6R held their first Café de l'école on Wednesday this week and it was a brilliant success. I was really impressed by their French, especially the way they managed to change their verbs from the tu to the vous part depending on whether they were serving a pupil or a teacher. They looked great, threw themselves into their Café duties with loads of enthusiasm and we made more money to go towards French trips than in any previous Café since I started at Spring Grove.

Many thanks to all thirteen members of 6R, to Prep 3 for making lovely posters in their ICT lesson and of course to Mrs Groom and her team for their invaluable help.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Prep 5: Les Instruments de Musique

Prep 5, we will be starting to learn the names of some musical instruments very soon.
Have a go at matching the words to the pictures in the instruments quiz below. Just drag the word onto the right picture to make them disappear. You might have to move the pictures around to see everything. Play it more than once to practise all the different instrument names.

Prep 4: King Jouet

Prep 4 looked at the King Jouet website to find out the names of some of their favourite toys and gadgets in French. Here is an advert for one of their shops. How many of the toys can you name in French?

Prep 4: Les Jouets

Prep 4 are just starting the topic of toys. I thought they might enjoy watching this!